Certification & Policy



Top Tube Manufacturing Co., Ltd. applies the Quality Management System in its production processes and services as a means to ensure optimum effectiveness in meeting the organization’s quality objectives. Meticulous implementation of the ISO 9001 standard, coupled with an uncompromising quality control system, is achieved through making all staff aware of the need to produce products of the highest quality.

The strong determination and dedication of all management and staff was rewarded on September 24, 2002, when the company was awarded ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certification underscores the reliability of Top Tube Manufacturing Co., Ltd.‘s products and services and is a source of tremendous pride among the company’s staff and management. Not only does it reflect the hard work of all concerned but also significantly enhances the company’s competitiveness.


Top Tube Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is committed to:

Responding to customers expectations and needs. We will provide products that customers want more convenient with motto “Good product, Good services and Good price”

Environmental Policy

Top Tube Manufacturing Company, Ltd. is a manufacturer of small-sized metal tubes, commiting itself to and for the impact on environment arisen from goods production process and in every procedure of business operation.

Hence, the Company has therefore intruduced the quality system, ISO 14001 to deal with environment for using in running the business.

With this regard, the Company shall then be recognized by the public about the introduction thereof. and every employee shall adhere to it as guidelines for doing the work, together with spreading the quality system to be seen by the public under the following intentions.

  • To operate the company in a way that makes customers, employees, and the society condent in the company.
  • To be a company with an open-minded, fairness and transparency to the public.
  • We shall keep promise to run the business in a way that is friendly to environment.